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Aside from writing insurance, our organization fully integrates all aspects of human resources including payroll, benefits administration and governmental compliance. Our services are designed with you in mind; everything we do is tailored to your needs.

Flexible Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees can set aside pre-tax dollars for non-reimbursable health care expenses. These funds do not accumulate from year to year; you must use them or lose them.  Careful budgeting of FSA funds is key. A Medical FSA allows pre-tax payment of health care costs that are not covered by the employer’s health plan. Examples include: co-payments, deductibles and non-covered medical expenses.

A Dependent Care FSA allows pre-tax payment of childcare or elder care costs for dependents living at home. These FSA’s are useful when both parents are working away from home, are disabled, or full-time students.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Health Reimbursement Arrangements provide reimbursement to employees for qualified expenses not covered by the employer’s group benefit program. Because funds are employer-owned, the unused funds remain with the employer at employment termination. There may be a limited claims run-out period, which allows claims to be submitted after the end of the plan year.

Health Savings Accounts

The employee, employer or a combination thereof may contribute funds to an HSA compatible bank account. Paired with a high deductible health care plan, HSAs are very effective in managing health care costs and promoting consumer awareness. Unlike FSAs, funds roll over and accumulate from year to year if they are not used. At employment termination, all unused funds belong to the former employee and are portable.  These funds may be used for qualified health expenses.

Payroll Processing

Manage Payroll Processing with Ease

AAIB keeps you focused on your business by streamlining your payroll process, improving productivity, and simplifying administration. AAIB’s services can be integrated with each other using payroll or one of our employee management options.

No calls are made to an automated messaging system or changing service representatives. Instead, you have access to a single point support staff. Payroll solutions are tailored to help eliminate everyday problems. Employ our easy-to-operate, real-time, web-based solution– available anytime and anywhere. Effectively manage your time each payday, taking advantage of direct deposit, cash cards, paper checks, and more.

Receive single sign-on access and eliminate dual employee entry with seamless integration of timekeeping and payroll. Delegate our professionals to handle your payroll tax and accounting for you and avoid costly penalties and interest with timely and accurate local, state, and federal tax deposits and filings.

Achieve Compliance and Security with AAIB


Staying on top of changing laws and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be difficult. AAIB can help alleviate this administrative burden and reduce risk and expenses, allowing employers to focus on their business. To accomplish this, we offer assistance with:

  1. Payroll Processing and Tax Management
  2. Employee Management with HR Support Center
  3. New Hire Reporting
  4. Workers’ Compensation
  5. Wage Garnishment
  6. COBRA Administration (included with Payroll Services)

Eliminate paper payroll delivery with options that allow employers to do away with paycheck printing, yet stay compliant with state regulations.


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