Medicare Supplements
medigap plans that ​will keep your wallet and body ​happier and healthier

​​Medicare supplement plan G

​Highly Rated ​& Affordable Supplement ​Plan

​Comprehensive plan ​​that ​​covers out-of-pocket ​Medicare expenses.  Part G has lower premiums compared to Part F due to the deductible from Part B that is not covered.  This makes the plan ​more affordable than Part F while still covering the broad coverage! ​The plan also includes Silver Sneakers that covers 100%  of a gym membership near you.

​Medicare supplement plan ​F

​Highly Rated Supplement Plan

​Offers the most comprehensive basic benefits between all the Medigap polices.  Minimal out-of-pocket ​with covering the remaining hospital and doctor costs from Medicare Part A and Part B.  The most broad coverage plan for Medicare Supplements.

​Part A

Hospital Insurance

Provides basic coverage for Hospitalization. Most people do not have to pay Part A.

​Part B

Medical Insurance

​May cover doctor visit​s and services. Most people ​pay monthly for Part B.

Part C

Medicare Advantage Plan

​Limited doctors and offered by private insurance companies as an alternative to original Medicare.  Plans are government subsidized and regulated.

Part D

Prescription Drug Coverage

​Coverage ​is offered by private companies to provide coverage for prescription drug costs.  Plans are government subsidized and regulated.

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