There are some new approaches to wellness that employers are starting to utilize to reduce their spending on health insurance premiums.  Some of the new ideas to reduce costs by using a wellness program include:

Employers may require that employees pass biometric screenings to receive discounts on their health insurance premiums. Those who don’t meet the necessary biometric levels would have to enroll in a wellness program and after achieving a healthy body mass index and other biometric numbers, would then be eligible for the discounts.

More employers may use the services of a health care advisor to teach employees how to make better treatment choices, find quality providers and make better use of their employers’ health management programs, thereby reducing health care costs.

Employers may begin to  use social media to reinforce healthy behaviors, such as  losing weight, exercising more and  becoming healthier.

In spite of the economic downturn, one-third of employers plan to increase their  spending on wellness programs  in order to reduce overall premium expenditures.

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