Commercial Lines

Commercial Lines

Either you’re working hard to grow your business or you’ve already built a successful one. American Alliance can help you minimize risk and maximize growth. Whether it be Workers Compensation, Property & Casualty, Health, Life, Dental, Vision, LTD and STD, or Voluntary Benefits, our one-stop shop offers companies a means of saving big.

Workers Compensation

No matter the size of your company, most states require that business owners provide workers’ compensation insurance. This type of coverage protects you and your organization by eliminating lawsuits from employees’ work-related injuries or illnesses. The most important aspect of placing this type of insurance is to understand your business.

Employers who have workers’ compensation insurance can better manage cash flow with a pay-as-you-go program. This program requires no large upfront deposits, reduces audit discrepancies, and eliminates guesswork because premiums are calculated on actual payroll versus estimates. This program can also decrease the risk of late payment policy cancellations with automatic premium payments.  Pay-as-you-go is just one of many viable options.

Property & Casualty

With a full selection of insurance products, we can provide all lines of insurance for your business. Whether you have a building contracting business, manufacturing plant, restaurant, health-related business, home-based or professional concern, we will find the right coverage for you.

The first step in this process is to help us understand your business. Getting to know you and your company allows us to find the right insurance solution at a fair and competitive price. Why settle for cookie-cutter products and mediocre service? American Alliance will provide you with the service you deserve and products you require.

  • Business Auto – Whether you have a fleet of trucks or just one service vehicle, we have access to several commercial auto markets.
  • Business Owners – Bundling several types of insurance together can save your business money. With errors and omissions insurance for liability purposes and business disruption insurance for property purposes, business owners should be aware of their potential risks.
  • Bonds – Your business may require bonding. Let us help assemble a bonding package suitable to your organization. The bonds we provide will be tailored to meet state and national standards required by your industry.
  • General Liability – You may think that it will never happen to you, but being prepared for any mishap will protect what you’ve worked hard to build.  Business liability insurance shields your business from financial difficulty if your company is faced with a bodily injury or property damage loss.


Life, Dental, Vision & Disability

Life insurance protects your hard work for family, partners, and employees. If a partner, owner or key employee passes away, your business can decline rapidly. With the right policy in place, surviving business partners will have the capital needed to keep the business going.

Dental insurance is another benefit option your employees will appreciate. You can offer them a Dental PPO and/or Dental HMO, which are available at different price points.

Vision Insurance is virtually impossible to purchase in the individual marketplace. It is relatively inexpensive. At American Alliance, we have access to both HMO and PPO plans, as well as reimbursement plans.

Long Term Disability (LTD) can be written with many different coverage options; rates vary depending on the individual. LTD may provide re-training for those employees who are unable to perform their prior job duties due to illness or injury.

Short Term Disability (STD) provides a percentage of the employee’s income after a short waiting period that starts when paid sick leave ends.



Voluntary benefits are insurance products that employees can purchase through their employers at rates lower than what they’d receive on their own. Examples include: accident, hospital care, and/or critical illness. Employers may offer these voluntary benefits to provide a more robust package of benefits at no additional cost to the employer. Voluntary benefit options are a great way to build strong and successful companies.


When accidents occur, they’re often followed by a series of bills. Even with good health insurance, unfortunate events cause out-of-pocket expenses such as doctor bills, ambulance charges and emergency room fees. Accident plans can help offset the unexpected medical expenses that may result from a fracture, dislocation or other covered accidental injury. 

Accident insurance can provide you with benefits for a wide range of situations, including: initial care, surgery, transportation and lodging, and follow-up care. You cannot prevent accidents from happening, but you can control your own financial safety net.


If you have a hospital stay, it’s important to focus on your recovery – not your finances. That’s easier said than done when your thoughts revolve around costly co-payments, deductibles and other expenses that may be coming your way. Our hospital confinement indemnity insurance provides a lump-sum benefit to help offset the costs that aren’t covered by most major medical plans. 

Critical Illness

A serious illness can have a huge impact on more than just your health – it can also crush your finances. Would you have the financial ability to protect all you’ve worked for if you had a stroke or heart attack?

Critical illness insurance complements your medical coverage by providing a lump-sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness. You can use this benefit to help cover everyday living expenses or other costs related to your critical illness, such as home modifications, travel expenses and rehabilitation charges.


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