What do people say when the complain about their insurance provider? Why is it people leave the same insurance broker or company they have been with for 30 years?


The most important factor in your satisfaction with your insurance broker is the quality of service they give you. When something comes up you want them to answer your call. You never miss a payment, you have been with the same company for years, and you know you don’t cost them any money. However, when something happens you expect them to show you a little respect and pick up the phone or at least not leave you on hold for two hours.


This problem is about to be amplified on December 1st for employee benefits. Over the past couple years employers have been given the option to “early renew” their business in December. The incentive was Obamacare rules and rate increases didn’t apply until the following year. Fast forward a year. A similar thing happened for groups between the size of 51-100 employees in California. There were going to be classified as a small business in 2016 and in turn get pushed to an age rated system.


The result: 60-75% of all small businesses that offered health insurance renew on December 1st.

No one will be able to give you the service you deserve. Agents and companies will have massive increases in work during the holiday months. This will result in longer hold times, increased difficulty to switch plans, and lack of service. Your business has enough to worry about; why add your employee benefit package to the list?


Something you can do is move off of your Dec 1st effective date. Carriers know that December 1st is Armageddon they will happily assist you in moving your effective date to the 3rd quarter or even the beginning of the 4th quarter. Chances are you can lock in a lower rate than you would by staying with a December renewal month.

Let us show you how easy it is to change!

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