Having specialized in benefits for over 30 years, I have enjoyed the freedom of owning my own business. I work at my own pace, control my financial destiny and have found that there is nothing more motivating than seeing hard-working people thrive. This desire to accomplish something great and achieve goals is contagious. With high hopes for the future, I am planning to grow nationwide and find other agents with the same passion and drive that I have. I believe that affiliating with such like-minded people is a key to success, as well as a means of helping others and guiding my business in the right direction.

Since it takes approximately 10 attempts to acquire a new client, it makes sense that agents try to write as many policies as possible through their current clients. Agents are licensed to sell auto, home, life, health, benefits, disability, annuities, workers’ comp, and business insurance, but may not be able to keep up with inevitable changes. Employers need specialists to come up with ideas to maximize benefits and reduce expenses.

We all know that ADP, Paychex, and larger full service firms like Gallagher, Willis, HUB, USI and others have the capabilities to eliminate the small entrepreneur agent. I truly believe today’s insurance business climate is ripe for the demise of the small agent unless the small agent grows larger and provides more services to their clients.

There are many aging agents who are not inspired to grow; instead they only service their current clients and let their book of business slowly dwindle. These agents are receiving referrals because of the superior service they provide; superior service that causes them to work from dawn to midnight. The lone ranger who will never consider partnering with other qualified agents to help service their clients will work themselves to death while they continue to lose clients to more advanced agencies. This type of agent usually has a pessimistic view of the future of the insurance agent.

The other type of agent embraces the changes that allow them to prosper. They strive to continue working, but realize that they can’t know everything about every area of insurance. These agents would rather specialize in their niche and exchange leads with other agents who specialize in other areas, while still being compensated for referrals. This is the agent we want to connect with.

Our goal is to find highly ethical and knowledgeable agents in all 50 states and provide them with a cloud-based system that enhances opportunities through specialized marketing and customer service teams. Also included is state of the art cloud based access to client data for the agent and their clients. We believe sharing knowledge in an online cloud based system provides an organized reservoir of sales ideas that will result in greater revenue. Associations prove limited value to agents seeking advice, because these agents are competing against each other. Only true partnerships share their intellectual capital, and when you join AAIB you are truly a partner.

Aging agents should think about who will buy their business in the event of retirement or unexpected death. Often spouses are not equipped to carry on the business after the owner passes, resulting in a fire sale and diminished returns. AAIB’s structure is built upon young and capable agents being able to service the business of an agency in transition, thereby providing financial security and peace of mind.

Another important reason to consider joining AAIB is bonuses. Solo agents have to write a lot of business to earn a production bonus and many fall short. Aggregating multiple agents’ production can create sizable bonuses and maintain carrier contracts. AAIB will pay out bonuses received prorata to the agents who place new business for a specific carrier bonus.

With years of experience running multiple companies, I know what works and what doesn’t. I stand firm in my belief that creating an agents alliance will inevitably establish a mutually beneficial outcome. I have faith in the future of this business.

To those of you intrigued or impacted by this vision, I look forward to meeting you.




Gary L. Whiddon, CFP

Managing Member


888 474-6627 x116

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